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Victorian Roller Derby League Fundraiser

with Murder Rats, Flyin' Saucers, The Vaudevillians
The Evelyn, Friday 14th November 2008

I missed seeing the Vaudevillians a couple of weeks ago and I had recently seen the Flyin' Saucers again after few years so I decided to go to this gig, even though it was going to be a big weekend for me already.

It was meant to be a fundraiser for the roller derby, but I didn't see many of the girls I know who skate there (hi Cassie!), unless they all sat up the back or were busy that night. For some reason I hadn't been to a gig at the Evelyn before, I think it is a good venue and the drink prices are reasonable so I will have to go more often if people I know are playing.

Cheers to Sambo and Kapow! who I hadn't seen for a while. I hope Sambo has enjoyed all the DVDs I lent her in the 50 Sci-Fi movie pack.

The Murder Rats played at the Pint a few weeks ago, but I didn't get to see them. Their band has some of the members of Intoxica in it and plays harder-edged Rockabilly stuff.

Thanks to Dennis for buying me a drink for my birthday and it was good to see the Flyin' Saucers again. They play a lot of outer suburban and country gigs that I would have trouble getting to, but I will try to get see them more often in town.

Ryan from the Vaudevillians was a bit peaky and someone offered him $20 to throw up, but he got through the set OK. My friend was also meant to come to this gig, but bailed at the last minute. It is very rare for someone who doesn't go to see bands regularly to actually know one of the bands I go to see, so I hope she comes to see them soon.

I left early as I had my birthday the next day, but I am sure everyone else had a good time partying on.


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