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Van Walker & band

Basement Discs, Friday 7th August 2009

I wasn't going to be able to make Van Walker's CD launch or his set at Pure Pop Records on the Sunday, so it was lucky that this gig came up and I had the Friday off. Recently I have found some old photos of the Swedish Magazines and had talked about the old days (2005) with Van Walker.

Cheers to Gleny, Suzannah and Little John who I didn't expect to see. I promise I will come to see the Junes in the future.

Coincidentally I had purchased Van's last CD, Celestial Railroad on Record Store Day at the same venue. I don't know when I will buy his new CD, probably off Van or just sneak into JB HiFi when no one is looking.

After the gig I talked to Callan about the Beards (people kept thinking he was in them when he went to their gig at the Tote) and will try to make it to one of GO-GO SAPIEN'S gigs in the future.


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