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The Vaudevillians Box Social

with Boot Boy Scally, Runaway Boys RIP, The Exotics
Ding Dong Lounge, Friday 16th May 2008

I was originally going to see SixFtHick at the Tote, but I had already seen them last month and I don't need to see them that often. (I needed a rest from them as the last gig was especially rough.) The bands playing at the Box Social also wanted me to come see them, which was what decided it as SixFtHick still don't know me from a bar of soap and they always have half a dozen people taking photos at their gigs.

Boot Boy Scally handled the first slot admirably seeing as the first couple of spots at Ding Dong are always quiet. They are playing at the Pint next week, which should go well as it doesn't take many people to fill up the bar there.

I last saw Runaway Boys R.I.P a couple of months ago at the same venue, I thought they played well and I am sure they will get more gigs there in the future.

The Exotics were as dependable as ever and didn't seem to fuss as much setting up as you would expect from such an established band.

The Vaudevillians are getting better every time I see them, which is the reason why they had so many people come just for them and are getting all the support gigs recently. I was caught a bit by surprise by the slam dancing and circle pit up the front so I ended up watching most of their set from the side of the stage. Someone bought their EP while they were playing so I had to hold on to the money for them. I did contemplate just putting the money in Adrian's pocket, but that would have been a bit too strange so I just held onto it until after the show.

Hello to Sambo and her friend and I will try to make it to the Vaudevillians next in store at Route66 on June 8th and also the Hybernators CD launch on the 12th July at the Glasshouse.


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