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Wagons Goodtown CD Launch

with Felicity Groom, Whiskey Go Gos
Corner Hotel, Sunday 7th June 2009

I had been looking forward to this gig since it was announced at the CD preview show before Easter and even bought a ticket last time I was at the Corner a month ago to see the Large Number 12s. As it seems par for the course these days, I arranged to get a wristband so I could take photos and luckily bought the written authorisation as my name wasn't on the list. I was lucky to get my ticket early as I knew it might sell out. Some people turned up on the night still expecting to still get in and got a bit of a shock.

Felicity Groom is the second artist from Western Australia in less than a month I hadn't heard of, but turned out to be very good. As with all the people who go on first there were many people when she first went on and nobody wanted to come up the front. I thought she went well and look forward to seeing her perform over in Melbourne again in the future.

Whiskey Go Gos did seem a strange choice for a support as they seemed too rock at the start, they still went well and certainly used the lights a lot during their set. I hope the video they filmed turns out well.

In what I thought was one of the funniest parts of the night, Henry Wagons complained about life on the road at the start of the gig and singled-out one band member in particular, to which everyone cheered much to his disapproval.

Wagons played a different set list this time and mixed it up with some of the older songs as well as the ones off their new album Goodtown. The man-choir worked well and it was great to have a cello and trumpet player for some songs.

I was wondering what had happened to some of the songs they usually played until they came back on for the encore and did those songs including 'The Bizness' where I got props from Si Philanthropist and finished up with 'Jail is Hell' with Henry going into the audience.

After the show I went backstage to congratulate the band and had a chat to Si Philanthropist, I did go to the front bar to wait for the rest of the band, but they rudely closed it at 1am, the rotters! Cheers to Carbie who also was taking photos and the woman who wanted me to go to Geelong to see Wagons. I will see how I am going work-wise as to whether I can make it to the Oakleigh Bowling Club gig.


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