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Wagons CD Preview

with M.C. Fee B-Squared, Princess One Point Five, QUA (DJ SET)
East Brunswick Club, Thursday 9th April 2009

ROOT!s gig last year on Good Friday Eve at the same venue had been great, so I was looking forward to Wagon's gig there since it had been first announced. It was also originally meant to be the final day of my contract up in East Coburg, but luckily that wasn't the case. I got let out of work early, so I walked down from the end of the tram line to Mi Corazon and had a session there where I spent most of my money and had dinner.

I was on the waters when I got to the East and I did enjoy Princess One Point Five, even though there were not many people there for the start of the gig. QUA's DJ set sorted of blended in with the rest of the night as I was looking forward to see Wagons. Hello to Alicia Bee who I met on the night and cheers to Dave Graney and Clare Moore who I talked to out in the beer garden.

It wasn't a regular gig with Fee B-Squared from RRR FM's breakfasters MCing and coming out to interview after every through songs. The gig itself reminded me a lot of ROOT's show last year, with Henry even coming out into the audience at one stage like DC ROOT. I don't know if they have played together, but Henry might think they are cutting his lunch with the comedy part of their act.

Henry also teased the audience at this gig by not having the CD available for sale and making well sure they knew they couldn't get it until 18th April. I will see how I go with buying the CD, but I will try to make the CD launch proper on the 7th June (Queen's Birthday weekend.)


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