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Wahine CD Launch

with Sarah Carroll, the Wayward Fancies, the Soccer Mums, the Hornbags, Chris Wilson's Shit Disco
St Kilda Bowling Club, Saturday 11th October 2008

As I hadn't been working for a while I had to start to cut down the number of gigs I am going to towards the end of the year. I wasn't going to miss this one as Sarah had originally wanted it on later in the month, but Dan's CD launch is on the same night. It worked out better as I can go to both of them now.

I hadn't seen the Wayward Fancies since before they both had their bubs. I ended up buying their CD as I hadn't gotten around to it yet. There was a problem with the sound so they ended up playing their last song next to the front tables.

There was a big line-up for the CD launch performance of the album and it is not going to be repeated so that was even more reason to come see it. I didn't know Marcel Borrack could play key tar and saxophone as I hadn't seen him with one before.

I did go backwards and forwards to the bar and had a recce to the ATM at IGA, but I still remember most of the gig. Cheers to Susan and Michael on the merch and I will see how I go with getting down to Sweet Dolores' CD launch in Ocean Grove in a couple of months time.

As with any big night in St Kilda, I did end up at Topolinos for supper and then walked back up to the Pint to say hello to the bar staff and went home. Somehow I also managed to get the photos onto my computer and burn CDs as when I woke up the next day there was an addressed envelope in my bag ready to go with the CD in it.


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