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WolfCall 2007

with MC Guy le Guy, Nici Blue Eyes, Nervous Wreckers, Diamond Dolls, Horton Brothers, Miss Lauren Marie, RunGunFirst Girls, Intoxica, Sarah Lea Cheesecake, Benny and the Fly by Nighters, DJ Electric Mudcat
Central Club Hotel, Monday 5th November 2007

I wasn't able to make it to last year's WolfCall, so I was really looking forward to this year's show and wanted to go even though I am not working at the moment. Hello to the Victorian Roller Derby League and the Kustom Pinups 2008 Calendar people who I talked to early in the night.

It was great to see Nici Blue Eyes after missing her perform at my local and hopefully I will see her around in the future.

The Nervous Wreckers were great, even though I only stayed for the start of their set as it got crowded very quickly in the front room.

I hadn't seen the Diamond Dolls since the Burlesque Battle Royale last year so it was great to see both their performances on the night.

Surprisingly, the Horton Brothers were on in the middle of the night's festivities. It made sense with some people wanting to leave early for the Cup the next day though. Miss Lauren was great singing with them also.

I really enjoyed the Miss WolfCall competition and never could have decided a winner myself, so the judges did a very good job to pick the winner.

The RunGunFirst were very interesting on their trampolines (you can't really see it in the photos) and one of them jumping off the stage into the crowd at the end of their act.

I tried to go see Intoxica, but the it was too busy in the front room so I just went back to the main stage.

I had been looking forward to Sarah Lea Cheesecake's new fan dance since she told me about it and finally got to see it, which was great.

Lots of people were dancing when Benny and Fly by Nighters came on, but I ended up having a sit down to watch them and got to just watch them play. Congratulations to Route66 and everyone who was involved in the night as it was great.

Video of Sarah Lea Cheesecake's fan dance

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