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Zombie Ghost Train at the Tote

with supports Perfect Sin & Trolley Dolly Burlesque
Thursday, 9th March 2006

I wasn't planning on going anywhere as I am usually poor in the couple of days before payday, but Ilana kept sending me SMSes and saying "please" when I rang her up so I eventually agreed to it. Next time I will take the train up and get off at Collingwood or Victoria Park as it takes so long to wait for the tram to get there and I missed the first support act.

Perfect Sin played well and had a lot of the fans slam dancing to them. One bloke I talked to (forgot your name sorry), said it was just like watching the punks from 20 years ago. Eventually I found Ilana in the crowd and ended up standing with her the rest of the night.

While waiting for Zombie Ghost Train I caught Miss Springolator who I have seen performing as the Snakecharmers around town and it was good to catch up, even if I did only get to say hi and bye.

Just before the band came out there was a performance by Trolley Dolly Burlesque. I thought it suited the show very well as all the performers were male (that I saw) and it was a good way to balance it out.

It is difficult to categorise the style of Zombie Ghost Train. Ilana said they were pyschobilly, but I thought they played a lot of different styles as they did songs from bands from the Living End to Devo. The crowd up the from really enjoyed them as even some of the women in the crowd were slam dancing really hard (I kept well back from that though.)

In the end I was glad that I went to see this band as I got to see Ilana and took some really good photos I wouldn't have otherwise. I am going to the 'Rock Against Work' next week as Ilana said "please" a lot and drove me home from this gig. We were lucky on the way home not be involved with a three-car collision at the corner of Punt Rd and High St (happens there all the time), that makes two crashes happening in front of me in a week.

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