Appetite for Variety
Tim Chmielewski

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Appetite for Variety
The Town Bikes Farewell Show
11th September 2004

with MC's Dr Pump & Johnny Von Goes, DJ's Holly C & Glenny C, Doll Squad, Sime Nugent & The Fetals, Lance Petre, The Young Professionals, Brian O'Deux, The Minutes, The Dirty Pigs, Azaria Universe, The Drones, The Brothers Farris & The Plug Hole

It's hard to believe I only met Carla & Gabbi from the Town Bikes in February this year. I am glad that I went to the "Cry Baby" gig at the Tote that day as Phil from GIT introduced me to the girls and I sent them some photos I took on the day.

Not long after that they invited me their performance with Team Plastique at Revolver Upstairs and I got to talk to them before the show. What I remembered most from that night was talking to them even though Team Plastique put on a memorable show.

As I had shot some video of them dancing I knew they were going overseas later in the year. I was really excited when I heard about their tour. When I heard of their farewell & fundraising show there was nothing that was going to keep me away from it.

I was excited on the night so I got there early to say hello to Carla and Gabbi who said they were the same about the night and also nervous about their upcoming tour. Thanks to Dr Pump who lent me the list of bands to copy so I wouldn't have to do it during the night.

MC's for the night were Dr Pump & Johnny Von Goes from RRR FM. They introduced all the acts very well I thought. DJing between sets were Holly C and Glenny G also from RRR FM who had all the right tracks.

First up was Doll Squad who all have really big hair and played like a 60's girl band. There weren't as many people there as later in the night but the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

Sime Nugent & The Fetals were next and played Beatles covers (it was a variety show.) I had seen Sime Nugent at an Elvis Tribute show last month so it was good to see him again.

Between some of the bands there were special guest dancers such as Brian O'Deux and Azaria Universe. The best reaction for the dancers were for the Town Bikes themselves as there was loads of yelling and cheers from the crowd.

It was interesting to have a stand-up comic on as one of the acts. Lance Petre did try very hard and eventually won people over.

I hadn't heard of the Young Professionals before, but they are a band I will be sure to see in the future. Even though they play up their girly looks it is just to confuse you so they can play really strongly and yell loud in their singing. In particular the redhead bass player who threw herself on the ground.

The Minutes were also a great band and were a relief after the last band as they weren't as angry. If they were playing at a place I was at I would stay to see them.

Including Dr Pump in the line-up were the Dirty Pigs who were really well received. Their style is Cabaret Rock and they had a lot of people dancing to them.

The most traditional rock act for the night were the Drones. I have one of their songs on a compilation CD so I knew they would be good. They probably got the best reaction of the night apart from the Town Bikes.

The Brothers Farris were funny as they played the INXS song "Never Tear us Apart" with a Bouzouki and Greek translation.

Wrapping up the night for the bands was the Plug Hole with Dan Luscombe who were enjoyed by all.

Seeing as the first song played by the DJs at the end of the night was a Jackson Five number, the dance floor was pumping. I'm not a dancer but everyone seemed to get up as once and I'm sure it went late into the night.