Bubblestock 2004 at the Pint on Punt
Tim Chmielewski


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Bubblestock 2004

Featuring The Maryhillbillys and Shonkytonk

I had been to the Pint on Punt before, but that was only a short visit before I went off to another gig so Fred could get some photos taken with my Hulk Hands. As there was going to be a holiday the next day and I new there were going to be a few people there I decided to turn up about half an hour before it was meant to start. By 4pm when it actually did start I had a few so I could enjoy it more.

As I have said before, the Pint on Punt isn't like other 'traditional British pubs' that you see around the place. The publican (Corey) will actually go drink for drink with you and join in the festivities on occasion when you are having a big session. I found him to be an exceptional host and he even bought me dinner when the kitchen misplaced my order (they were very busy so it would be a rare occurrence.)

The first band performing for the day were the Maryhillbillys so we had to wait for Steve Prictor and the rest of the band to turn up (hence the 4pm start time.) It was worth it though as I got to see them perform some songs that I haven't heard them do before and they changed their line-up around when one of their members had to leave for another gig. Special guest vocalist was Jo the barmaid from the Greyhound which was great.

In between bands I had a few more drinks and took some great photos of Fred Negro playing in traffic on Punt Rd.

As usual Shonkytonk were great and played a lot of the songs that were favourites of the crowd and myself. A special treat for the day were the duets Fred did with the lovely Jean Ciancio, who should really perform with the band more often as she ads a great deal to their impact.

Also great were Ilana and her friend dancing up a storm in some of the faster songs as they always put on a good show when they dance at a gig. (I see her at the Red Hot Poker Dots quite a bit.)

I had more fun at the Pint on Punt than I would have if I had gone to the Big Day Out by myself. It's a pity their aren't more bands on there as I would like to go back there more often (I can't just sit in a pub and drink with nothing to look at.)

Tim Chmielewski, 25th January 2004.