Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne @ Syrup Lounge
Tim Chmielewski

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22:27 6/06/2004

Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne at Syrup Lounge

I heard about this gig at GIT's last gig at the Rosstown Hotel last week and as it was to be the last gig of Chris Wilson at the venue I decided to go along.

Luckily I had got my camera back on Friday (the quote was too much) so I could record some of the things on the day.

I didn't think I would take many photos, but it turns out I did as the blues style that Chris & Shannon play is really fast and I couldn't use most of my photos (they look better on the small camera LCD.)

As I'd seen him a couple of times before I new Chris would say stuff like "dance you bastards!" but today he actually decided not to play until people did get up to dance. Also fun was when he got 37 people (including me) to cram into the "love booth" next to the bar to try and break the record from a previous gig (there was still heaps of room.)

Also the encore was great and a heap of people that were passing by on the street (and probably from a few doors down) came in to see who was playing. It was a great show and I will have to get some of Chris' CDs and go to some more gigs of his in the future.