Cock Rock Tribute Night at the Arthouse
Tim Chmielewski

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02:25 8/03/2004

Cock Rock Tribute Night at the Arthouse
Crackwhore, Slick 46, Carter 77, No Idea, The Twits

I had heard about this night from Chris and Steely at the Greyhound Band room opening so I decided to go along as I knew it would be a good night. I should have left home much earlier though as I ended up having take away BBQ pork buns for dinner as all the restaurants were full.

I arrived just before 8pm, but the bands didn't start until after nine due to some technical problems and general pub timing that everything is always at least 1/2 later than it says on the bill.

The first band up was Crackwhore. All I knew about them was that Chris the drummer from the Twits played in them. I didn't know it was him at the start as he was wearing a blonde wig to match the theme of the night.

What is unique about this band is that the lead singer is a woman, which you wouldn't expect given the type of music they play. They rocked hard and the early punks who arrived really seemed to enjoy their set.

In between bands I walked around and checked out the punks as I don't normally see many at the pubs I go to (they don't really like the Espy) and also talked to Chris, Lush and Steely when they turned up. Some of the punk girls were really good looking but they all had boyfriends (at least it looked that way.) I could have sworn some where under 18 also, but you get that in the punk scene.

Slick 46 are a straight up and down punk band which the audience really appreciated. They didn't do anything for the theme as they didn't have time to prepare. I enjoyed seeing them as I don't normally see straight punk bands like that playing with the Twits.

Carter 77 got totally into the theme for the night, coming onto the stage with mullets and bad 80's hair band clothes. They played plenty of "cock rock" covers as well as their own songs which sounded like cock rock to me anyway. I think this band got the best response from the audience for the night as they even had a couple of sing along songs.

No Idea were meant to play last, but due to some delays with some people arriving they moved around. They managed to take it one step further than Carter 77 with the theme as even their drum kit had fake leopard fur covering and they all dressed in costume (although the lead singer said the bass guitarist looked more like Rob Zombie.) I had seen No Idea before in the Gerswhin Room at the Espy, but the sound wasn't as good there and they were way up on stage. The punks really liked them and I look forward to seeing them in the future.

It would be unusual if the Twits DIDN'T dress up for one of their gigs, but they all arrived on stage in costume with Fred looking like Gary Glitter and Steely wearing a Dracula cape. As I have really only seen them in St Kilda venues, it was good to get to the north side of the river and see them with a different crowd. The punks were very well behaved and happy, even their dancing didn't really seem agro. It was really funny to see Chris the drummer jump off the stage onto one of them who had been giving him the irrits.

My camera got beer in it, but I don't think it did any permanent damage (I was trying to get the "ejaculating stubby" routine by Steely - you really need a video for that though.) I was also surprised to see someone I knew from Karaoke at the Greyhound (a couple of years ago now) who had decided to come see the Twits and then get the Nightrider bus home to Frankston.

I left as soon as the Twits finished as I didn't really know anyone there and the sooner I got out and found a taxi, the less time I would have to be wandering around the city with all the drunken hoons from the Grand Prix about.