Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2004
Tim Chmielewski

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Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2004

Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 27th June 2004

I arrived at about 12.30pm to hear the Killjoys half way through their set and I completed a full lap of the ground to go say hello to the people on the BBQ at the far side of the ground.

As I spend more time in pubs these days than listening to the radio, I was going for the Rockdogs today. I had all the more reason to support them as several members from bands I have seen recently were playing.

With the day being for such a good cause I came prepared especially with $1 coins just for throwing in the blanket and other money for things like the t-shirt that I will be giving to my Dad (they didn't have XL.)

Paul Kelly was up next and played a really good set while I rang a friend to see if they had any other plans today (they did, but no harm in asking.) Although he didn't play as many songs as his set at UpRRRooted, it was good to see how the crowd enjoyed him and that some people in his band were already wearing their footy jumpers for the game.

TISM played a really good set of four songs starting with "Shane Crawford" and ending with a preachy version of the national anthem written especially by the front man of the band. It was good to see the band here as they are real footy nuts having a concert on Grand Final eve each year usually.

Once the game started I took up position behind the Rockdogs bench and was on the lookout for anyone I knew so I could say hello. I did watch the game sometimes, but I mostly listened to the commentators as they were more entertaining. As my camera only has a 3X optical zoom (digital zoom is too blurry) I left it to the professionals to take photos of the actual on ground action.

Magic Dirt played at half time, and I went over to take a couple of pictures. Due to the great set up of the speakers around the ground I went back to the other side of the ground and still heard them perfectly.

The second half of the game went really quickly and I was on the ground taking a few photos at the end of the match before I knew it. After leaving the ground I did try to go to the Pint on Punt to see Shonkytonk, but there were too many people there for me (just like the pubs around the MCG after a game.)