Cyndi Boste CD launch at the Corner Hotel
Tim Chmielewski

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Cyndi Boste
CD Launch
Scrambled Eggs and the Right of Reply
Corner Hotel
Sunday, 22nd August, 2004

Before the gig I met Suzannah Espie and Matt Ryan (formerly of GIT) in the bar and had a chat while I waited for the person who had invited me to turn up. It has been a while since I saw Matt so it was good to talk to him again.

This CD launch was a bit different for others I have been to as the first set had the artists who originally wrote the songs for Cyndi's new album perform them and the second had Cyndi singing their songs.

Some of the performers came a long way (from Sydney and Bourke) to do only a couple of songs, so it must have been important for them to support Cyndi on the night.

First up was Dave Steel who played a really good lap steel guitar. He also played support on many of the other songs.

Tiffany Eckhart was good and also had great backup on cello.

Dirty Lucy had driven all the way from Sydney for their few songs. I liked the violin they used as it was bright red and was a strange shape.

I hadn't seen Maurice Frawley before, but he played very well.

Barb Waters was great as always (I have to get around to buying her CD some day.)

Two of the more popular performers for the night were Tonci McIntosh (who drove down from Bourke) and Kerri Simpson.

Suzannah Espie got to sing her song with Matt Ryan on double bass so it was just like the old days.

Taking the stage with tons of applause was Cyndi Boste, who also surprised everyone by having Vicka & Linda Bull doing backing singing for a couple of songs.

The rest of her set was very well received also. The person I was there with also got to talk with most of the performers as they went back and forward between the stage door and the bar.

For the last few songs the people who had performed that night (except for Vicka & Linda) got on stage and sang backing as well as playing.

It was a really good night and I am glad I was invited there.