Björn Again 09/11/11 at the Tote

with Mark Murphy, Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre, The Ears with special guest Kerri Simpson
The Tote, Wednesday 9th November 2011

I had heard about this gig a few weeks ago and was interested as I had never seen the Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre and I missed the Ears reformation in 2009. Björn Again was just going to be a bonus for the night I thought.

I made it to the Tote just before the big storm hit and by the end of the night it was almost raining inside due to condensation from the ceiling and it being so steamy with all the people in.

Mark Murphy played well despite being the first act and it being quiet as usual.

For some reason I thought there would be more supporters from St Kilda, but Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre played a great set with most of the band doing their own thing while Fred went off on one of his rants.

The Ears with Kerri Simpson were also good to see after all this time and the audience really seemed to enjoy them.

It was getting quite late by the time Björn Again started and I was thinking just to see a couple of songs and then leave, after just one song I knew I couldn't leave as I wanted to stay and see them. I even ended up putting my camera aware at some point during the set so I could watch them and enjoy the songs more. I turned out to be a very late night, but it was a unique line up that will not be repeated. Well worth only getting five hours sleep before work the next day.


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