BoxWars 17: Taking it from the people

Boxing Day 2011, Caulfield Park

BoxWars Exposed Special Report

The menacing Christmas day storms had passed, but it still looked like it was going to be a grim day for the BoxWars. The crew had been in the park since 9am and were going to have a large cardboard castle set up for their headquarters, but had to scale it back due to the rain.

I live close by so I was able to check on the progress as I went out and home during the day closing in on the starting time.

The crowd and the participants did look quite thin and then I see eight dudes dressed as cardboard centurions marching in a line over the other side of the sporting ground. I ran over to get some photos and the arriving audience did so also.

Special reporter for the day was Peter Egan (Richard Hybernator) and Scott Guttermonkey as the cameraman with a cardboard camera (with a real camera taped to it). Taking a leaf from SkullMan's book one of the main BoxWars warriors also had an on-suit camera to capture the battle action. s

The skit this year revolved around corporate fat cats and child labour, leading to an occupy-style battle that was interrupted half way though by police in cardboard riot gear and a tank. I liked that part as it extended the battle when it was starting to run out of steam.

Even though there weren't as many people this year, it was still a good battle and hopefully the BoxWars crew will get to do some good things next year.

Afterwards I went home, downloaded the photos, had a shower and went back to the park with a bottle of whiskey for the birthday boy and the photos on DVD for the BoxWars in 58min, 50 sec.

Battle Footage:


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