Reclink Community Cup 2011

with Red Rockets of Borneo, The Mercy Kills, The Rebelles, Tumbleweed, You Am I, Barry Morgan
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 26th June 2011

Final Score:
Espy Rockdogs 11.10 (76)
Triple R/PBS Megahertz 4 17 (41)

It's that time of year again and this year I made sure to get a day off afterwards and even emptied out my bucket'o'coins at home so I had more money to bring down to the match. First thing on the day was to buy a t-shirt as I hadn't gotten one for ages (cheers for having the 3XL in stock) and a Rockdogs scarf for a cheerleader who sadly couldn't make it this year.

I was just talking to Niles and his partner when Red Rockets of Borneo started and I excused myself to go take photos, this became a theme for the day and I apologise to anyone if I seemed a bit distracted, but there was a lot to cover and I was trying to be everywhere at once. I liked the first band and hope they do well in the future.

Supposedly the Bittersweet Kicks were going to play, but there was a last minute substitution for the Mercy Kills, who I had not seen since a Day by the Green a few months back. I thought they went well and hopefully they gained some more fans on the day. I got a call from Narelle during their set to come photograph the arrival of the Rockdogs Tranny Cheersquad bus from Geelong and got a photo of each of the girls stepping off the bus.

The Rockdogs rooms had moved to outside the ground this year to give the two teams a bit more room to spread out, but it also meant that I didn't get to stick my head in the Megahertz rooms to see what was going on. About half way through each band I would wander back to the rooms to see what was going on and I did get to see the handing out of the jumpers.

I hadn't seen the Rebelles for a while and it was great to see them play in front of a big audience. Also excellent was their duet with Dan Sultan singing "Where the Wild Roses Grow".

As is traditional I ran out onto the ground with the Rockdogs and enjoyed Barry Morgan playing the national anthem and his surprise lap of honour courtesy of Evo.

I don't have a big zoom lens, so I wasn't able to get many photos of the match, I did watch a bit more this year and tried to follow it. I spent most of the match around the Rockdogs bench as I knew more people there.

Tumbleweed at half time were great and I did get to see their full set this time. The Rockdogs tranny cheer squad even got up to have a dance with the band.

After a longer than usual half time break, the Megahertz never really recovered the match and it seems the Rockdogs learned from their defeat by the Tote footy team in the social match last September or at least recruited some of their better players.

Much amusement was had at 3/4 time with JVG being told to "Fuck Off" by the entire Rockdogs team led by Ross Knight and running back to the Megahertz. I don't know what JVG would have to say to that except for "that's what I planned all along" as is his wont.

It was really great to see You Am I after the game as I haven't seen them for years and lots of people stayed this year for the after-match entertainment.

I was getting a bit tired towards the end and it was too hard to get a decent photo, so I didn't get any shots of the rest of the match awards. I just wanted to sit down for a while. I did make it up to the St Kilda Bowling Club and saw one set of Benny and the Fly By Nighters, but by this stage I had been on my feet all day after walking down to the ground from home that morning. I ended up getting home about 9.30pm that night and was in bed a bit later than that but still not as early as last year, I thought it was one of the better Community Cups I had been to and I enjoyed having my own "Mad Monday" the next day by going to a French restaurant and seeing an art house film, that's mad enough for me at least.


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