Dr Sketchy's Sexy Death by Cleave & Daly 30/10/11

Sexy Death by Cleave & Daly
Toff in Town, Sunday 30th October 2011

I hadn't seen Daly since she had performed with the V-Dentatas in 2008, so I was not sure what to expect at this Dr Sketchy's.

I was happy to see how the costumes turned out as it would have to be one of the most unique outfits in the history of the Melbourne Dr Sketchys and one I would have never associated with Halloween. Jess Daly made it herself as she specialises in costumes.

The second costume change was also interesting, but I enjoyed the first one the most in this session. Unfortunately, I will be away for the November Dr Sketchy's, but hopefully will be back for the December session.


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