Forever Young - The Songs of Bob Dylan at the Caravan Music Club

with MC Derek Guille, Van Walker, Adventure Spirit, Tracey Miller, Loretta Miller, Andy Baylor, Suzannah Espie, Charles Jenkins, Ash Naylor, Lisa Miller, Stephen Cummings, Shane Howard, Myra Howard, Joe Camilleri, Atlanta Coogan, Vika and Linda Bull
Caravan Music Club, Friday 27th May 2011

Set list:
Van Walker - Don't think twice / It's all over now baby blue
Adventure Spirit - It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to fly
Tracey & Loretta & Andy Baylor - All the tired horses / Make you feel my love
Joe Camilleri & Atlanta Coogan - Just Like a Woman / I shall be released / Gotta serve somebody (with Vika and Linda)
Suzannah Espie - Blowing in the Wind / I'll be your baby tonight
Charles Jenkins - Things have changed / Visions of Johanna
Ash Naylor & Band - Love Minus Zero / Watchtower
Band - Mighty Quinn
Lisa Miller - You're a big girl now / Maggie's Farm
Stephen Cummings - Love Sick / Rita May
Shane & Myra Howard - Not Dark Yet / Ring them bells (Myra) / Highway 61
Vika and Linda - Gotta' change my way of thinkin' / Subterranean Homesick Blues (Vika) / If not for you (Linda) / Pressin' On
Encore - Rolling Stone

I had heard about this gig, but didn't know if I was going to make it as I had been sick during the week and really busy at work on top of that. I ended up having to leave work early so I could make it in time, but I just wasn't going to get away afterwards.

While I had known of some of the line up I had not kept up with all the changes, so I was surprised see some of the people on the bill as I had not seen them for a while.

There were a lot of stand out performances on the night and it was great to see Vika and Linda together with Joe Camilleri as even they said it had been a while.

The band was great and Ash Naylor was on stage for most of the night and still was happy to pose for photos with his friends at the end of the night.

Even though I am not big a fan of Bob Dylan myself, I did enjoy seeing the versions of the songs performed on the night and I am sure there will be a follow-up night in the future.

Cheers to everyone I said hello to on the night and I am looking forward to the next event like this at the Caravan Music Club in the future.


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