Go-Go Sapien "This Body is Wrong For Us" CD Launch 04/11/11

with Vicuna Coat (unseen), The Queen's Head, Harry Howards NDE
The Evelyn, Friday 4th November 2011

This gig actually had two parts, a couple of weeks before it I went to see the "This Body is Wrong for Us" short that featured the songs on the album on the soundtrack. It turned out to be a cast screening and seeing as I had already seen the movie I couldn't really miss out on the launch gig.

I had flaked out at home and called in for a drink at the Tiki Lounge so the first band was playing their last song as I walked in the door. It is rude just to take photos for the one song and pretend you have seen them so I didn't

The Queen's Head were a strange sort of band, I would have picked them for a hip-hop outfit except that the lead singer was doing his best David Bowie impression and they even did a Bowie cover. The lead singer did walk into the audience a lot and I would look out for this band again.

Harry Howard's NDE is a super group with Dave Graney and Clare Moore as part of the band but not even the main singers. Not sure when they are going to play again though, but I would look out for them as it will be a special occasion.

For some reason I hadn't actually seen Go-Go Sapien play a full gig before, there always seemed to be something else on. It turned out to be a great gig and they even got to play some of their songs not on the album and do a costume change.

I was going to hang out after the gig and hopefully go down to the Lu-WOW afterwards, but I decided to leave straight away instead, maybe next time.


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