The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan 20/11/11

The Church of all Nations, Carlton
Sunday 20th November 2011, 3rd sold out show

80 voice Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir
choir directed and arranged by Phil Heuzenroeder

Guest soloists:
Suzannah Espie, Tracey Miller, Timothy Slater, Lisa Shergold. and from
the choir Ben Street, Sharon McKenzie, Hannah Acfield

James Black ( Hammond)
Ross Hannaford (Guitar)
Peter Luscombe (Drums)
Damian Smith ( Piano)
Steve Hadley (bass)

Set List:
Every Grain of Sand - Timothy Slater
Do Right To Me - Tracey Miller
Man Gave Names to all the Animals - Sally Ford, Patrick Cronin & Tracey Miller
with the Melb Mass Gospel Choir

Gotta Serve Somebody - Suzannah Espie
When you Gonna Wake Up? - Ben Street
Are You Ready? - Tracey Miller
Saving Grace - Timothy Slater
I Believe in You - Suzannah Espie
Solid Rock- Sharon McKenzie
When He Returns - Tracey Miller
What Can I do For You? - Lisa Shergold
Saved - Sharon McKenzie
Pressing On - Hannah Acfield
Blowing in the Wind - Suzannah Espie

I had enjoyed the 70th Birthday celebrations for Bob Dylan at the Caravan Music Club earlier in the year and was looking forward to this show.

With the Queenscliff Music Festival the next week, I hadn't planned on doing much the week before, but did end up going to see Neil Murray the previous night.

I don't get to go see many choirs perform, so I was interested to see the Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir as it would be one of the biggest choirs I had seen.

Also having Tracey and Suzannah perform along with the musicians from the Rockwiz band would make it a great show even if it was a regular gig.

I hadn't actually heard the albums that the songs from this gig was taken from, but they sounded great during the gig and it was good enough to sell out three shows.

I am not sure if there will be a follow-up show, but given the success of these shows, it may be a possibility.


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