Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2011

with JVG Guitar Method, Marngrook Footy Show panel, Billy Miller, Jack Howard, Dave Evans as Harry "Happy" Hammond, Rebecca Barnard, Ian Bland
Caravan Music Club, Friday 30th September 2011

This year marks ten years since I have been living in Melbourne by myself and I took the time to compile a list of what I have done on Grand Final Eve on these years:
2001 - TISM at the HiFi Bar
2002 - Spiderbait at the HiFi Bar
2003 - Save Our TISM Telethon at the HiFi Bar
2004 - The Twits at the Pint
2005 - Stayed home.
2006 - Hybernators at the Pint
2007 - Hybernators & the Fuck Fucks at the Pint
2008 - Hybernators at the Greyhound
2009 - Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2009 at the Oakleigh Bowling Club
2010 - Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2010 at the Caravan Music Club

I don't know why I didn't go to the 2008 gig at the Oakleigh Bowling Club, probably thought I wouldn't have been able to get home or I wasn't working at the time.

Grand Final Eve is the one night where everyone goes out in the city so like New Year's Eve these days I would rather stay away and avoid the trouble. I had enjoyed the last two events at the Bowling Club and the Caravan Music Club so I had been looking forward to this gig for some time.

Ian Bland opened the night with a story set at a country football side to much appreciation of the crowd. He also did a beat-style poem in the second half with Ash Davies and Dale Lindrea based on player names.

Dave Evans as Harry "Happy" Hammond reprised his role from the Community Cup this year and danced on the tables, joining the band for the rest of the night.

Special guests this year were the Marngrook Footy Show panel who after Grant Hansen sang the theme tune to the song, did their own analysis of the final with the added bonus of all the funny stuff they cut out for the TV version.

"Professor" Billy Miller sang the original versions of four club theme songs to a great reception.

JVG Guitar Method played some of their songs in keeping with the theme of the night.

Rebecca Barnard and Jack Howard were also a welcome addition to the night and Rebecca even got to do a sharpie dance at one point with another special guest.

I thought the night went well and I am looking forward to more gigs at the Caravan and will see how I go later in the year when it gets really busy for me.


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