Grand Ole Twang V

with the Grand Ole Boys & girl, the Cartridge Family, the Stetson Family, Frank Fairfield, Abbie Cardwell and Her Leading Men, Immigrant Union
Triple R Performance Space, Saturday 17th December 2011

I was looking forward to this as I had missed the last show at Easter when I went home to my parents for a change (I still listened to it online). Cheers to Kate for agreeing to be my plus one as I couldn't think of anyone to take. This time I was lucky enough to get a seat in the front row, rather than the side where I usually end up for some reason.

The "Ya'll come" song with the audience and the Grand Ole Boys that traditionally opens the show was great, as was the jokes from Rusty and Sarah in the warm up.

The Cartridge Family played a song in between acts and it was good to see them one more time this year.

I hadn't seen the Stetson Family for a while although I did see Nadine at Tracy McNeil's CD launch earlier in the year, I thought they went well and I will try to see them in the future.

Frank Fairfield had played at the Meredith Music Festival the weekend before and went really well. I missed him this time, but will try to get to see him next time.

Abbie Cardwell and Her Leading Men were one of the highlights for the day. Abbie had been over in Mexico for a couple of months and I hadn't seen her since Record Store Day earlier in the year. I will really have to get her new CD as the new songs sound great.

The last time I saw Immigrant Union was at the Chris Altmann farewell show, I thought they went well after they had the chance to warm up.

After the show I had a couple of drinks over at the Lomond with Kate and was originally going to go to the Witches Christmas Party at the Caravan Music Club, but was too hot and tired by the time I made it home so I just had to have a lie down. The previous year I had somehow managed to go to three gigs on the same day, it may not have been as hot, but I still do not know how I did it.


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