Graveyard Train at the Caravan Music Club 08/07/11

with Cash Savage and the Last Drinks
Caravan Music Club, Friday 8th July 2011

I had enjoyed Graveyard Train a few months back and was looking forward to seeing them again and had also seen Cash Savage and the Last Drinks play briefly at Record Store Day back in April. Both bands had recently played shows at the Old Bar, I haven't been to that venue for years, but I heard they went well.

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks played as a seven piece on the night and sounded great on stage, they are doing a Sunday afternoon gig at the Caravan in September.

There were lots of people in for Graveyard Train, which was great and even some people who had seen them the same week at the Old Bar. It ended up being a bit squashy up the front and some tables were disrupted by the revelry, but everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I enjoyed the new song by the band and took the opportunity to get right up the front to take some close-ups in the first part of the set. The band also announced it will be doing a Halloween show on Cup Eve this year, which should be good to see.

Due to the film festival coming up, I will be having a rest from going to gigs for a couple of weeks as I ended up too busy last year and very tired. I will hopefully be attending gigs back at the Caravan in mid-August.


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