Graveyard Train at the Forum 31/10/11

with The Highwater Ballroom Band, Brothers Grimm and the Blue Murders
The Forum, Monday 31st October 2011

I had enjoyed going to see Clare Bowditch at the Forum while Graveyard Train had played a show at the Caravan Music Club the same night.
This year I wanted to take photos at the Day of the Dead celebration at the Edinburgh Gardens beforehand so I thought I would bring my camera to this gig also.

I was surprised to hear the Highwater Ballroom Band already starting when I was putting my bag in the cloak room, the Forum was pretty empty at that stage, but that didn't stop the drummer going nuts during their set.

A couple of people reckoned it was more like a double-headliner gig with the Brothers Grimm playing. James certainly made use of being on the stage and jumped around a lot, I ended up taking most of the photos of him for a reason.

As the gig was on Halloween, the band encouraged everyone to dress up, but I didn't know the band themselves were going to dress up. The theme for the night was scarecrows with a giant smoking scarecrow at the back of the stage in front of a six foot high fake cornfield that came up great in the lights.

It was a very good show and I was good to see it up close even if the photographer pit was very sticky from spilled drinks. I ended up watching the last few songs from up the back and the band was in such a good mood they didn't want anyone to die just yet during "All will be gone".


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