Guitar Wolf at the Tote 04/12/11

with the Spazzys, Mach Pelican, DJ Julian Wu's iPod
The Tote, Sunday 4th December 2011

This was the first gig I bought tickets for when I heard it was being held as part of the Tote's 30th birthday celebrations. I also even managed to arrange a day off the next day as I knew it was going to be on RRR BBQ day and it would be a big day for me. I thought I was going to manage the two and I did try to stay, but I already had a bit of a headache when I arrived and it only got worse when Guitar Wolf started so I had to leave. The crowd was too rough for me when they started and another photographer lost their gear in the crowd later after being knocked down.

It was good to see the Spazzys again even though I saw them earlier this year, Ally was playing with them this time though, which made it much better.

My favourite of the night was Mach Pelican, I was so happy I nearly cried and their set was perfect. I was more than happy just to see the Spazzys and Mach Pelican for the night.

It was very crowded by the time Guitar Wolf were ready to start and I lost my spot just from moving one step to put a pot glass down, meaning I had to shoot over people's heads. If I had known before I would have bought some earplugs as they turned the sound way up for Guitar Wolf. The crowd have been whipped up by Mach Pelican and it started to get a bit dangerous for my liking, not to mention the "devil horns" that seemed to be appearing in front of my field of view every time I lined up for a shot.

I know some people like it when it gets rough and the band plays really loud, but I have been spoiled from seeing gigs at the Caravan Music Club so I am not that used to it. I ended up leaving early to recover from my headache/dehydration, got dinner and ended up at the LuWOW for a night cap.


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