Jeff Lang "Carried in Mind" CD Launch

with Suzannah Espie, Liz Stringer, Jordie Lane
Caravan Music Club, Friday 14th October 2011

I had enjoyed seeing Jeff Lang last year at the East Brunswick Club and was looking forward to this gig as I bought his last CD and enjoyed it and wanted to hear what the new one was like.

Special guests for the night were Suzannah Espie with Liz Stringer playing a short set and Jordie Lane playing after them. I am looking forward to Suzannah's new CD next year even more now as she played a lot of the new songs from it.

It was a very loud gig as it turned out, but I thought it went well and would have expected more people to be dancing up the front. Alison Ferrier got to sing a duo on one song and Jordie Lane came up to seeing "Girls Talk" at the end with a big finale with everyone else including Jeff's sister. After the show I got to stay and talk to everyone including Suzannah and Garrett Costigan, which I don't usually get to as I leave straight after the gig, it was a good night.


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