The Junes at Union Hotel Brunswick 14/08/11

Union Hotel Brunswick, Sunday 14th August 2011

I had been sick since earlier in the week and had to miss Jordie Lane's CD launch on the Friday even though I had a ticket for it already, so I was determined to at least trying to make it to this gig. Cheers to Cookie who I met at Jewell station on the way, I should have known better when it took twice as long for me to walk from the station to the hotel.

I barely lasted to the end of the first set and it was so crowded I didn't have anywhere to sit down. It had been a mistake for me to try and go out when I was still sick, but I really wanted to see the Junes. At least I got to give Gleny her photos from the CD launch last week and heard a new song by the Junes.


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