Killjoys Ruby & Pearl CD Launch 21/10/11

with the Livingstone Daisies, Ron S.Peno and the Superstitions
Thornbury Theatre, Friday 21st October 2011

I wasn't sure I was going to make it to this gig with Anne McCue playing at the Caravan Music Club the same night. Van Walker invited me personally, so that was enough to make up my mind. I decided to go straight from work as the door time was pretty early. The tram was delayed due to the protests and I ended up walking up from Northcote as it was too early to get there still. I had not been to Tago Mago bar down the road before and ended up having dinner there.

It was a bit quiet when the Livingstone Daises played, but I thought they went well and I am looking forward to seeing them in the future.

A few more people by the time Ron S. Peno and the Superstitions came on and I was surprised to see more than just me taking photos at a gig at the Thornbury as I am usually the only one for the last couple of gigs I have been to.

I have actually had "Ruby" on tape for years before I started going to see bands in Melbourne without knowing what album it actually was, I didn't know what format the launch gig was going to be, but it was good to see the full band playing. The band's members are all in different bands now from playing around the place. I am not sure if the Killjoys are going to be playing regularly, so I would go to see them during the launch tour while you have the chance.

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