Neil Murray "Sing the Song" CD Launch 19/11/11

with Sarah Carroll
Bella Union, Saturday 19th November 2011

I wasn't planning on doing much for the weekend before the Queenscliff Music Festival as I wanted to have a rest. Next time I should remember to actually go to bed early when I am not going out anywhere for the night. I did go to see the Cartridge Family, but did not take photos of them this time.

When Sarah left to go to the Neil Murray gig I decided to get a lift down there and helped her carry her stuff in. I did get time to go have dinner and came back over in time to see Sarah's set.

Due to the Australasian World Music Expo and everything else on that weekend, there weren't as many people as I thought would be at this gig. Cheers to Acey and her friends who made it along as they also had a lot on that weekend. There were some great songs on Neil's "best of" album and I will try to go see him next time he comes down to Melbourne.


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