Friday 25th November 2011

Leah Flanagan, The Widowbirds, President Roots, Puta Madre Brothers, Pseudo Echo, The Herd, The Delta Riggs

I knew the festival was approaching this year, but was more concerned with my contract finishing and if I had work to go on with afterwards. As it turned out I had more time off the week afterwards than I thought I would. There were also some changes with the festival site and all the stalls moving into the festival grounds with none on the street outside. Cheers to Jana and Toby for letting me stay at their place in Ocean Grove as it meant I could catch the bus at 10am instead of 8am from Geelong.

It was great to have someone I knew on first as I could go up and say hello before they started and I hadn't seen Leah Flanagan since her CD launch ages ago.

The Widowbirds went alright, the highlight being the drummer playing a solo on the tent pole in the middle of the room in the Pelican Bar.

President Roots also seemed to go OK in the warm-up tent for the main stage.

The Puta Madre Brothers played great in the Pelican Bar, with them finally managing to get people up to dance by the second half of their set.

I only stayed up the front for the first part of Pseudo Echo as I didn't want to get in the way. The Hippos Stage was at a bit of a funny angle. My friend saw the whole set and enjoyed it.

When I saw them in the programme I wasn't originally going to see them, but I ended up the front for the Herd any way (for only one song as security was a bit touchy first night), watching the rest of their set from the back of the crowd I could see why people like them.

Finishing up the night for me were the Delta Riggs who reminded me of a few bands from Melbourne. The lead singer certainly got a work-out and even did a song on the keyboards.

I only had the one drink for the night, but I noticed they bought in a ticketing system for drinks and the licensed areas split some of the main stage areas, which was a problem with some of the venues in the past. The Pelican Bar was fully licensed and didn't have this problem, but the line for ticketing was out in the opening and most of the space for that stage was not undercover.


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