Saturday November 26th 2011

Pete Denahy, Sweethearts, Tides of Welcome choir with Dave Steel, Puta Madre Brothers, Dead River Deeps, Leah Flanagan, Wagons, The Cruel Sea, Brothers Grimm

Rain. I hadn't heard it, but it had started some time during the night and continued all day, to the point where I put my umbrella away as the wind making it go sideways rendered it useless and I had to go buy a dry pair of socks.

Starting off the day was Pete Denahy, famous for the video for "Sort of Dunno Nuthin'" and more traditional hat-wearing Tamworth country music than I usually get to see, but the early crowd enjoyed him. I liked when he started talking about going over to play with the Sweethearts as their sound check was too loud.

It was good to see the Sweethearts play on the main stage and they got quite a good audience. I missed the chance to see them again on the weekend so I was glad to see them play a full set at least.

Arriving drenched at Stoked on Hesse and finding my camera fogging up I enjoyed Tides of Welcome Choir with Dave Steel and I was glad that I got to see them again as they are a staple of the six years I have been coming down to the festival.

Due to the rain there wasn't as much of a line for the train this year, but having it away from the festival site made it seem more isolated also. On the way up I went to see the Puta Madre Brothers and my camera lens instantly fogged up. They had lots of people dancing in carriage D and I think a lot stayed for the trip back. Footage of the Puta Madre Brothers playing on the train here.

Stepping into carriage C, I was glad to un-fog my lens and see the Dead River Deeps as I wasn't sure if I was going to see them again on the weekend. I thought they played well and will try to see them in the future.

I didn't get into the tent to see the Triffids show as it was too crowded and I wanted to sit down, so I ended up going to see Leah Flanagan at the Vue Grand just so I could get out of the weather. I almost ended up having a snooze for some reason, but it was good to see them again.

After a quick dinner, I went down the front for Wagons (there was a crowd barrier for the first time at the festival) and talked to Si Philanthropist while they were setting up. Wagons played great as usual and I was glad that I stayed for their whole set.

The Cruel Sea were the big headliner for the night and the weather managed to get even worse to the point where the sides of the tent had to be lifted and one of the screens taken down to prevent it blowing away. I only ended up staying for a few songs, but they seemed to be going well.

As I was sick of it all by this stage I decided to go see Brothers Grimm, who rocked in the Pelican Bar and then lined up for the earliest bus I could get on back to Ocean Grove. I would have liked to stay late for the Snowdroppers but it was just too wet.


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