Sunday 27th November 2011

Lanie Lane, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Woody Pitney, The Plains, BOOM! BAP! POW!, Kimbra, WHATEM 2 CD Launch (with Sarah Carroll, Chris Wilson, Hausfrau, Sophia Katos, Lash78, Dadhouse), Frente, Gypsy & the Cat, Bondi Cigars
November 27th 2011

A text from Sarah at midnight the previous night said to come to the Pavilion at 12.30pm the next day, but more on that later.

Lanie Lane played first on the main stage and wasn't afraid of looking like it was Sunday morning. I thought she was OK, but I do see a lot of bands so it is hard to tell singers apart at times. I got a bit of fright during her set when I found my lens had fogged inside the lens and I could not get rid of the fog. Also I somehow managed to get the clear sticker from the base of one lens to fall onto the camera sensor at one point (I removed it, but it left some sticky behind.)

My Friend the Chocolate Cake were next and seemed go well with the Sunday afternoon crowd.

I arrived at the Pavilion at 12.15pm to see the end of the Pop contest for Freeza with Woody Pitney and the Plains. As it turned out Sarah asked me to come back at 1.45pm to see the WHATEM 2 CD launch so I decided to go see a couple of more bands in the time.

BOOM! BAP! POW! were interesting but I prefer Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes for that type of music.

I wasn't going to go see her, but everyone else was so I ended up staying 1&1/2 songs for Kimbra as all the fussing around meant she didn't come on until late. I heard that she got on a helicopter straight after her set to go to Melbourne Airport and up to Sydney to accept her ARIA award that night. There were a couple of other bands nominated at the festival who decided to stay.

The WHATEM 2 CD launch went well with Sarah Carroll doing a song with Tim Fullerton and George. Chris Wilson did the "bubble wrap" song along with a whole lot of other bands. The CD is for charity and the two presenters have a show on Geelong radio that Sarah recommends.

It was great to see Frente performing again and I enjoyed the songs I managed to see during their set.

Gypsy & the Cat were OK, but I didn't really know many of their songs so I only stayed for the start of it.

Ending the day and the festival for me were Bondi Cigars, I couldn't get into the tent to see them on the Friday so it was good to see them at the end. I didn't feel like staying for the after party, but I heard it went well and it was different having it within the festival site this year.

The new site held up well, but it did seem disconnected from the town compared to previous years. I didn't have the chance to buy dinner down the street or a pizza afterwards. The buses didn't even stop in the main street this time and two venues from previous years had closed down. It was good to have permanent on site toilets (the normal foreshore reserve facilities) and hopefully next year the weather will be a bit better as there some problems with flooding and people having relocate from their camp sites to a motel room on Saturday night.

I am sure these problems will be worked out for next year and I will try to get to the Fort next year as I didn't make it to the venue this time.


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