Rosie Flores at the Caravan Music Club 14/04/11

with the Rich Family Band
Caravan Music Club, Thursday 14th April 2011

I had been hearing about this gig for quite a while and was looking forward to it. It had been quite a while since Rosie Flores had been out to Australia and a lot of people were looking forward to seeing her. I could have gone to see her at another venue, but preferred to go somewhere closer to home.

It was great to see the Rich Family Band again as although I have seen Rusty perform with the Cartridge Family recently, I had not seen the Rich Family since Queenscliff in 2007 and I thought they played great. I also enjoyed as before that they played the older style country with songs that don't usually get that much of a run at least at the gigs I go to.

What was also great about this gig was that Rosie Flores sat up the front and watched the Rich Family Band's set and then invited them up later to play with her.

Joining Rosie was Ash Davies on drums (now a Caravan Music Club regular) and Rick Rich who had been playing as her band this tour. I had heard some of Rosie Flores music before, but it was great to hear her play live and also how she involved the Rich Family and even the kids when she got them up on stage to sing "Hot Dog". I was surprised that she kept playing and playing, even coming back for an encore where she dancing onto stage in a conga line and did a little boogie. I could not believe the age they said she was. I wish my friend could have been there as she reminds me of her, maybe next time.


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