Sheilas of the 70s at the Caravan Music Club

with Rebecca Barnard, Kerri Simpson, Monique Brumby
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 16th October 2011

I had been meaning to get to a Sunday gig at the Caravan, but that day is a bit difficult for me as I usually seem to have something on and the last Sunday of every month is reserved for me going to Dr Sketchys. I did not want to miss this gig as I heard it had sold out both of its shows at the Darebin Music Feast. Also Rebecca was playing and she is a favourite at the Caravan Music Club.

The show itself is based on the theme of women songwriters from the 1970s and there were a lot of popular songs chosen.

The gig was very well attended with a lot of women in particular who grew up in the 70s and they also got up to dance towards the end, in particular during "I will survive" sung by Monique Brumby.

I thought the song choice and progression of the show went well and it was good to see the performers making an extra effort with their themed costumes. Hopefully the show will be returning in the future in an expanded format with special guest performers on some songs.

It was great show with some funny parts including the dancing during "Wuthering Heights" and Kerri Simpson getting the audience to do the hand movements. I was very tired after the gig so I went home and didn't get to say hello to Rebecca or Kerri Simpson afterwards, hopefully next time.


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