Wagons at Basement Discs 06/05/11

I wasn't sure I was going to go to this instore as I hadn't been to one during the week since the Junes played last year.

Even though I was a bit tired after going to Half Arsed Three the previous night and getting up early the next day, I was still looking forward to seeing the Wagons perform songs off their new album for their first time.

It is hard to know how many people will be at an in store at Basement Discs until you go down the stairs, it was packed and I ended up having to stand in front of the pillar within touching distance of Henry, much to his amusement. I was also surprised by Mark Tuckerbag Dawson remembering the gig at the Marquis of Lorne where I had to stand in between the drums and guitar player due to lack of room as it was five years ago.

Henry bought his secret weapon to drive up sales of the new album, his new puppy Gordon (any more appearances and the dog will be wanting a percentage), and it was good to hear the songs off the new album along with the old favourite Willie Nelson.

I stayed just long enough to get the new album signed (should have bought Willie Nelson's Stardust to sign) and then went back to work, I am looking forward to seeing Wagons CD launch at the Forum in a couple of months time also.


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