Wagons Rumble, Shake and Tumble CD Launch

Forum Theatre, Saturday 16th July 2011
with MC Peter Escott, Teeth & Tongue, Puta Madre Brothers and special guests the DC3

Seven years after first seeing Wagons perform and they are finally headlining their own gig at the Forum, it's a long way from their residency at the Marquis of Lorne or playing at the Royal Melbourne Show where they had to lug in their gear past the livestock.

Yes, Henry Wagons has always been like that I would answer to anyone who would listen, or even if they would not. I did go to the Goodtown CD preview and launch in 2009, but I missed their gig last year at the Corner due to being so busy. I wasn't sure if I was going to take photos, but as the ones I took at the Stephen Walker benefit turned out so well, I thought I should least ask. Cheers to Matthew Kennedy for giving me a photo pass.

MCing the night was Peter Escott from the Native Cats who did a comedy set to support Wagons in Hobart and was asked to MC the gig at the Forum. True to his word he found my mention of him on Mess+Noise the next day and answered it within the hour (kind of a you had to be there joke.)

I had heard a bit about Teeth and Tongue around town, but hadn't been to see them as yet. I thought they played well and I liked the flowery unitard the lead singer was wearing.

It was good to see the Puta Madre Brothers again as I had left early during their set at the Tote as I wanted to have an early night. I thought they were a good match to Wagons and they had a lot of their own fans there.

The DC3 were a surprise edition and introduced the main act by singing their song "Henry Fucking Wagons", it was good they got that out of their system at least and at it puts Wagons one up on Tex Perkins.

The night belonged to the Wagons and they made the most of it, with Henry going out into the crowd to get more people to sing along to "Willie Nelson", playing with the lights at the front of the stage, singing into three microphones at the same time and then taking one of the drums to play on. The stage looked a bit trashed by the end, but that's a sign of a good gig. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else on the night even though there was a lot on as usual. My friend even turned up too see Wagons for what turned out to be the first time and really enjoyed them.


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