Zoe K and the Shadow Katz/Gleny Rae and her Tamworth Playboys 07/08/11

Zoe K and the Shadow Katz
Union Hotel Brunswick, Sunday 7th August 2011

I wasn't going to do much today as I had such a late night the night before, but I did want to go see Zoe's band again as they were driving back up to Newcastle the next day.

It was a bit quiet when I arrived, but a few people ended up turning up towards the end of the first set. Ilana offered me a lift to go see Gleny at the Lomond so I decided to go see one set there also.

Gleny Rae and Her Tamworth Playboys
Lomond Hotel, Sunday 7th August 2011

There were lots of people at the Lomond to see Gleny and a few who were also at last night's gig. I was very tired by this stage so I only stayed until the end of the first set, it was still good to see Gleny though.

Unfortunately, I could not make Sarah and Suzannah's gig as I had not expected to go see Zoe and Gleny on the same day so next time.


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