A Day by the Green 6

A Day by the Green 6
with Rosie Haden, UnAustralians, Waco Social Club, Thee Knockouts, Valentiine, Billy Pommer Jr and the Gulity Plea
Unseen - Suzie Stapelton, Vice Grip Pussies, Cold Harbour, Bittersweet Kicks
St Kilda Bowling Club, Saturday 14th January 2012

I had missed a few of these days last year due to having other things on and being sick for one of them. Even though I had been out to see Bob Log III the night before, I still thought I could arrive early and make it through the day.

It was good to see Rosie Haden the first band playing. Rhianna and Layla are no longer working at the Bowling Club unfortunately, so I don't know if they will be playing at one of these events again.

The UnAustralians played their first gig and I was surprised to see Clay strap-on a guitar and Paddy Chong pull up a seat at the front of the stage. I thought they played well, especially Clay who had to endure Fred's strap-on jokes the whole set.

Waco Social Club were also another band I haven't seen, but they went well and seem to be doing a few gigs around the place.

I think I may have drank too much too early as around the time Thee Knockouts came on I was getting very sleepy and it was still early. Lush even showed me photos of me asleep in my chair so I don't know who else took photos. I didn't mean to fall asleep as I like the Knockouts and I did want to see them.

Valentiine sounded alright, I didn't really get why people were so into them though and went out to get a sausage.

What turned out to be the last band of the day for me Billy Pommer Jr and the Guilty Plea, where also the highlight. James and Fiona play in the band along with Jack Howard on trumpet. They got a lot of people in the room and I will try to get their EP when I can find a copy.

It was only about 8pm by the time I left, but I had already been at the venue five hours and there were people still arriving at that point. I was so tired I almost fell off a chair at Topolino's having dinner on the way home. Next time I might arrive a bit later and see the last half of the bands instead.


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