All Over the Shop Final Show

with Stew Farrell, Leapin' Larry L, Dan Warner, Fiona Lee Maynard
Lomond Hotel, Thursday 13th December 2012

I had known there was going to be a live broadcast for the show coming up, but did not know it would be the last show ever.

Despite the hosts repeatedly saying a lot of people would be happy they are finishing up, I reckon the reverse is true. I never used to listen to the radio at work much until I heard about All Over the Shop and it was only in the couple of years I had listened to it.

The Lonmond was packed out for the day, but unfortunately the air conditioner also decided to pack it in also so it was a sweat box. I did have a chicken schnitzel sandwich and another diner commented on the schnitzel while I was eating it.

Special guests for the day were Dan Warner and Fiona Lee Maynard who did some karaoke with the words re-arranged for the songs. Unfortunately due to lack of signal strength a lot of the songs did not get broadcast but it was funny if you were there.

A fan even made a dim sim hat for Stew and a cigarette hat for Leapin Larry L and I did spot at least one home made t-shirt of the show. Someone gave me a card with the date of the show and Chevy Chase on it at the end of the day.

It was a great show and everyone joined in saying the send-off for the end, with the change coming in on the dot at 4.01pm and it pouring down like God pissing on the procedings in the literal sense. It will be missed and I am looking forward to seeing what replaces it next year.


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