Baby et Lulu at the Caravan Music Club 24/08/12

Caravan Music Club, Friday 24th August 2012

Even though I was tired from my first day back at work, I still wanted to come to see this gig as I had had a listen to a few of the band's songs on their website and enjoyed them.

It was a bit strange having to go home from Oakleigh then come back, rather than the other way around but I am getting used to it now.

There was quite a big crowd in for the show, but it was mostly a seated audience so it didn't seem like as much as some of the other big shows at the venue recently. Also, I noticed a few people who haven't been to the venue in the past and even someone who I knew from Drouin, which doesn't happen that often.

All the songs were sung in French, but I was surprised at how many I actually knew and there was even a French version of a Leonardo's Bride song in the set.

I left a bit before the end, but everyone seemed to be having a good time and I hope the group plays some more gigs in Melbourne.


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