Big Gospel Breakfast at the Caravan Music Club 2012

with the South of the River Community Gospel Choir, Bob Sedergreen, Chris Wilson
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 11th March 2012

I was up pretty early for this, but had eaten breakfast at home as I wasn't sure I was going to get to have any at the day this year.

When I arrived the choir was finishing up their soundcheck and people had started to arrive already.

The choir performed the first set and then had special guest keyboardist Bob Sedergreen perform with them before he had to go off to another gig.

Chris Wilson did a few songs at the start of the second set and ended up joining the choir on harmonica for the second half.

It was a good morning and I ended up leaving straight after it finished so I could go home and have a rest. There was no afternoon BBQ this year as it would have been too hard to turn it around and the Audreys were playing so that was something to look forward to.


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