The Black Sorrows at the Caravan Music Club 21/12/12

Caravan Music Club, Friday 21st December 2012

I had missed the last couple of shows of the Black Sorrows at the Caravan, so I was looking forward to this one as it is always a good night and lots of people get up to dance during the songs so it means I can get better photos.

As usual I did end up getting a lot of photos of Joe and Claude as they looked the most interesting as they played, but I did try and get a few good ones of each member of the band.

The band also played the next night, but I had already promised to go down to the Stax on Soul Christmas Revue so I will just have to take it on advisement that the show the next night was also great. I am very happy with how the photos turned out and I hear Joe was too, which is always good to hear.


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