Bob Log III at the Caravan Music Club 13/1/12

with Spencer P Jones
Caravan Music Club, Friday 13th January 2012

I had been meaning to see Bob Log III again for a while since I last saw him do a show with Blowfly back in 2007, but there always seems to be something else on when he is in town. I did say hello to Bob at Women of Letters last year though. Playing at the Caravan is good for me as it is close to home and I like it better than having to go across town.

Supporting for the night was Spencer P Jones who I hadn't seen for a while also. He ended up bringing the light-up cross (a stage prop from "The Killer" play about Jerry Lee Lewis) on stage during one of Bob's songs.

I would have expected more people to dance during the show, but it was still great to see Bob Log III play at the venue with balloons attached to his jacket and guitar. I won't leave it so long to go see him next time.


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