BoxWars 18: Apocalypse

Caulfield Park, Boxing Day 2012

BoxWars Teaser

This seemed to come around a lot quicker this year for some reason. Appropriately enough the theme for the battle was the apocalypse, which failed to turn up this year.

Special international guest (at least these days) was Marawa whose show La Soiree had meant to do a brief run in Chicago before Hurricane Sandy related cancellation, so she Christmas break in Melbourne before the show starts at the Sydney Opera House in January. Marawa was also in the 2010 BoxWars.

As usual during the day I said hello to the BoxWars crew setting up a couple of times during the day and checked the battle arena. It was a lot more confined this year and closer to the tree cover so more shade for the spectators.

There was a later start time too, which helps with people coming from different parts of the city on a holiday public transport time table (the cardboard ED-209 my friend built was too big to get on the tram one year.)

For some reason I did not get as many photos as in previous years, it was harder to get into the action with it being in a smaller area. There is a phalanx of cameras at the event, but a lot of them seem to be expensive nerd toys and I never see a single photo. There should be some video around soon enough.

Some great costumes this year including two sets of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a the four dudes dressed as WarHammer 40K style robots. I previous years they have introduced every opponent in a wrestling-style announcement, but they did it a bit different this year.

The battle seemed to be over all too quickly and I went home to download the photos to my computer. Not sure of the exact time, but it was around 50 minutes until I got back and handed them the DVD. I ended up hanging around a bit longer this year afterwards, but did not make it out to the birthday drinks for one of the BoxWars dudes, maybe next year.


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