RRR Breakfasters End of Year Outside Broadcast 2012

Farewell to Jess and Ben
with music by Duke Batavia, Sweet Jean
and special guests
Corner Hotel Rooftop, Friday 7th December 2012

I had heard a bit later than most people that Jess was also going to be leaving the Breakfasters at the end of their season, and was determined to make it to the broadcast this year as I could stay for the whole thing.

For some reason I could not get to sleep the night before so I gave up at 5am and was outside the Corner Hotel when they opened the doors at 6am. I got a seat up the front and did not move for the entire broadcast.

There were a lot of guests from different segments during the year including Tom Elliot who was leaving for another station, but the cutest one was Walt who helped out with the last "Bee News". Musical guests included Duke Batavia and Sweet Jean who had also played the "Morning Ritual" gig a few weeks earlier in the city.

As expected there were some tears at the end of the show, but I am happy for Jess and Ben and looking forward to seeing some new faces in the chair for next year.


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