Caravan Music Club 5th Birthday

MC Jon Von Goes, Ian Bland, Stephen Cummings, Tracy Miller
Models Super Orchestra with Mark Ferrie, Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Billy Miller, Cal McAlpine, Jack Howard, Eve von Bibra
Caravan Music Club, Friday 9th November 2012

Hard to believe it has been five years for the Caravan Music Club. Although I never had the privilege of going to first gigs in Peter and Lyn's lounge room or the earlier gigs at the Oakleigh Bowling Club. I was there from the first gig at the Caravan Music Club and kept coming to take photos at shows even when I didn't have people I was coming with. 2010 was when I saw the most gigs at the Caravan and it is now where I see almost all the gigs I go to south of the river apart from Pure Pop Records. I can remember Peter having to drive back to Sunshine late at night after every show and I would often get a lift even though it meant I wouldn't get home until late (probably the reason why the photos got up so quick in the early days.)

Unlike when I was going to the Pint on Punt every day for two years, I only go once or twice a week to a show at the Caravan more recently. While I go to quite a few shows, I tend to avoid the really big names as it is too crowded and I can't really get around to take photos.

Fittingly the house band for the Caravan is the Models Super Orchestra and the MC for the night was Jon Von Goes famous for the Grand Final Eve Pie Night and Stopping All Stations Except East Richmond. Tracey Miller also played a couple of songs as she was the first person to play at Peter and Lyn's house when they had a house gig.

I didn't expect to be asked up onto stage, but it was good to get up there and I wished someone had taken a photo of Peter, myself, Lyn, Sue and Mary.

It has been a good thing for me to be associated with the venue as I never would have had my photo exhibition otherwise.

There was a big crowd for the night and a lot of dancing, I did try to get some of it, but it is hard in the dark.

I have not had the chance to get down to the Flying Saucer Club unfortunately, as a lot stuff at the Caravan clashes with it. I will try to get to a couple of gigs there before the end of the year.


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