Dave O'Neil's Caravan Comedy Club 05/07/12

with MC Dave O'Neil, Adam Zwar, Glenn Robbins, Damian Callinan and special guest Nathan Houlihan
Caravan Music Club, Thursday 5th July 2012

Dave O'Neil had been out to the Caravan Music Club earlier in the year to film a live cross with Painters and Dockers for In Gordon St Tonight, so it was good to see him decide to put on a comedy night there. There isn't much comedy out this way and the comedy festival had been over for a few months so people would be wanting to go see some more.

It was an excellent turnout for a Thursday night with Dave on MC duties and I enjoyed his material for the night.

Adam Zwar was up first and also did some good stuff, we even got to find out he was in the "three for free" ad later in the night.

I had never seen Glenn Robbins perform live and he was bluer than I thought he would be, still good though and well worth looking out for.

Glenn, Dave and Adam had a mini-panel/chat segment where they played a quiz game and also told their embarrassing stories. The funniest one would have to be Dave finding the book he singed for Glenn in an Opp Shoppe down in St Kilda a couple of months after.

Special guest for the night was 9 year old "Nathan Houlihan" who had some funny topical stuff including a "choose your own adventure" story about refugees. Damian Callinan also went well and was jumping off the stage and doing a lot of dancing in his act.

It was a really good night and hopefully more people will come for the next few weeks it is on for Peter Helliar, Dave Hughes and Greg Champion over different weeks.


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