Chris Altmann "Nothing but Nice Things" Album launch at the Caravan 01/12/12

with the Altmann Revue Band
and special guests Henry Wagons, Van Walker, Liz Stringer, Ange Boxall
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 1st December 2012

I had been enjoying Chris Altmann's songs while he was playing with Suzannah for her launch shows, but I had been looking forward to this gig for a while as the Southern BBQ gig with Que Paso a couple of years back was one of the gigs of the year.

It was pretty much the same band that played this time with a few changes and also some special guests. There were quite a few people in attendance with lots of people standing up the sides.

There was no support act and the band did two sets with guests including Henry Wagons, Ange Boxall, Van Walker and Liz Stringer. Suzannah was meant to play, but the Junes had a gig that night so she couldn't make it.

It was a good gig and I also agreed to go to the show at the Curtin Bandroom the next week.


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