Chris Altmann "Nothing but Nice Things" Album launch at the John Curtin Bandroom 07/12/12

with the Altmann Revue Band
and special guests Henry Wagons, Suzannah Espie, Liz Stringer, Ange Boxall
John Curtin Bandroom, Friday 7th December 2012

It had been a long day for me as I did not get a chance to have a lie down after the Breakfasters' O/B and also had lunch with a friend. I did have a lie down for a couple of hours in the afternoon though. I still was not really feeling up to staying for both sets though.

This show was a bit different from the last show as they were going to do an early set and a late set with an hour's break in between. Some of the songs would be repeated but I am not sure which ones. Some people did arrive for the second set, which was good as they did not miss the songs from Chris' new album.

I was glad to have made it to this show as Suzannah was in the show this time and I stayed for the first set and did get to see her sing a song.

The room had filled up nicely around the time I left and it was still early enough for me to have a late dinner, I did go to bed pretty quickly when I got home though.


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